Hand painted, interior and exterior murals for schools, office and private commission 
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Marvellous Murals for all kinds of interior exterior art decoration

Marvellous Murals
for all kinds of murals

mural artist paints murals for commission schools, commercial and public. 


This has always been a popular choice with children and adults. You can have a few simple characters painted on the existing wall covering which only takes a day to complete, or you can really go to town on a room and let your imagination go wild. On average a whole room can be completed in five days. Bright and colourful balloons and flags are a great addition to stimulate young babies making this the perfect choice for nurseries.

This next mural took only two days to complete. It is on one wall and uses the original white emulsion as the sky. Peeping out from behind the tree can be seen a cartoon of the little girl who's room it was.

The next three pictures are all different views of the same room. It took seven days to complete and features Pooh and Piglet playing Pooh-sticks. Note how the characters are in the middle of the wall so that the placing of furniture does not obscure the characters.

This next one with the rainbow has more shading in it and was completed in four days.

This one was on one wall and was designed to have a cot in the middle. It was completed in three days.

Here are some more examples of Winnie The Pooh murals that we have completed.