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Marvellous Murals for all kinds of interior exterior art decoration

Marvellous Murals
for all kinds of murals

mural artist paints murals for commission schools, commercial and public. 

Radiator Springs

This young boy was mad about the Pixar film 'Cars' so I turned his bedroom into Radiator Springs, the small, forgotten town from the film, and included all the main characters.

All four walls of the room were painted, including fitted wardrobes on the west wall and a pale blue sky with wispy clouds on the ceiling. The idea was to make the room feel as if you were standing on the outskirts of Radiator Springs so you could see the town and also the surrounding desert landscape.

The north wall, shown above, at the head of his bed shows the centre of the town with Lightnin' McQueen in the foreground and several characters behind him. You may also notice that the road continues down the wall, across the floor and then up the opposite wall, disappearing into the distance. This was accomplished with a custom carpet with a hard linoleum strip cut into into it for the road.

The east wall shows the transition from town to desert with more of the main characters. The south wall is mainly desert with the road disappearing into the south-east corner of the room.

In this room even the radiator was painted. I turned it into the roadside sign that the police car hides behind in the film.

The west wall shows the transition from desert back to town. The large fitted wardrobe that dominates the wall was turned into his favourite characters tyre garage. The handles for the wardrobe are made to look like the handles for the garage door.

This entire room took nearly five weeks to complete but will bring many years of joy to a little boy and be a room he will remember for the rest of his life. All woodwork, including the wardrobe, shelves and skirting were finished in a hard-wearing clear satin varnish.

Simple Cars Theme Mural

This next few paintings are also on a Cars theme but a lot simpler than the one above. Each hand-painted mural covers one wall and took only three days to complete.