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Marvellous Murals for all kinds of interior exterior art decoration

Marvellous Murals
for all kinds of murals

mural artist paints murals for commission schools, commercial and public. 

Primary School Life

Primary School Activities

These were two stairwells in Queenborough Primary School on the Isle of Sheppey that were very dark and dingy so the staff asked me to brighten them up with some murals.  Members of the school council gave advice as to what they would like to see and together we settled on a theme of classroom activities and playground activities with the students suggesting all the things that could be going on.

Starting from the top of the stairs these photographs follow the mural from left to right.

Classroom activities

Playground Activities

As you can see there is a fair amount of detail in these murals (the children just came out with so many enthusiastic suggestions!) so it took me just over four weeks to paint them both but that does include preparing and undercoating the walls plus finishing the mural with anti-graffiti varnish for added protection.

The staff and children really enjoyed watching these develop and so many of the pupils identified themselves as certain characters in the paintings.  There were also 28 selected pupils (two of the best artists from each class) who, under my supervision, helped paint some of the characters.


Some of the pupils who helped paint the murals, gathered together for a photo to go in the local paper.