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Marvellous Murals for all kinds of interior exterior art decoration

Marvellous Murals
for all kinds of murals

mural artist paints murals for commission schools, commercial and public. 

Hospital Family Room

This is our latest painting which is in the family room of the Special Care Baby Unit at Dartford Hospital.  I always like to create something special for people that work in such difficult circumstances as they are such lovely people and work so hard.  My heart goes out to the families that use this facility so anything I can do to help make their stay here any better gives me great satisfaction.

Three of the walls are painted with a vibrant rainforest which is populated by lots of brightly coloured birds. The fourth wall opens up onto a beach scene to stop the room feeling closed in and add an element of space. We took our time over this, spending nearly two weeks to complete.

This is how the room used to look.  As you can see it is now a much warmer and friendlier place to stay and spend time with your family.

If you have a waiting room or family room that you would like us to paint then please give us a call.