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Rain-forests and Oceans

Posted on February 26, 2016 at 11:35 AM

Hey everyone,

It’s been a busy month for us which can only be a good thing!

When I left you last time, our next job was going to be painting a dinosaur landscape in a school corridor. When we arrived at the school, all ready for dinosaurs and volcanoes and all that sort of business, the head teacher had a last minute change of mind... and asked us to paint a huge stairwell to look like an African rain-forest! After we had gone and bought a lot more green paint (and I mean a LOT more green paint!) and blocked off the stairwell for public access (much to the teachers and the pupils dismay) we could make a start on this huge space. Firstly we painted sky blue around the top section of the stair well. This was a bit tricky, but with some paintbrushes masking taped to sticks, we were able to get into the most awkward of corners! We then painted in the tree line, and whilst Dead was making a start painting a waterfall, I had the task of painting all of the remaining space green... and then giving it a second coat! It was quite the work out and I didn’t even flinch eating almost a full tub of Ben and jerry’s that night. Dean then started adding layer of shapes in slightly darker greens to add depth and I made a start on painting the animals that would inhabit our rain forest. I like painting animals, especially birds for some reason, which was something I never even tried to paint before I started working for Dean. We added a toucan, an eagle a couple of parrots, some smaller brightly coloured birds, a stork, a frog, a snake and a baby chimpanzee. These animals helped to make the mural more interesting and educational and meant there was something new for the pupils and teachers to find every day after we finished painting. We added some detail into the foreground vegetation and some little finishing touches like butterflies and insects, and we were done! This took us two weeks to paint altogether and the school were very happy with the results. They even bought a life-size gorilla model to sit proudly at the top of the stairs, watching over his new home and any mischievous pupils!


Next we went to another school, this time to paint a large underwater scene in their school hall. This space was a huge blank canvas and needed something imaginative and inspiring for the children to look at. We started by painting the entire wall in a blue gradient, from light to dark and then back to light again, to give the illusion of a sea bed and depth. Dean painted waves of light along the very top of the wall, to look like the ocean’s surface as seen from below and I started painting in the black background for the coral. This took longer than I expected as we also had to paint the radiators and just sanding them down took a while! Once the space for the coral was all painted in two coats of black, we started drawing out the sea creatures. We included lots of different sized fish and mammals, including a huge blue whale, a shark, killer whales, dolphins, a turtle, many little fish, a sea horse, a sting ray and a deep sea diver. I painted some of the smaller fish and Dean made a start on the larger ones. I then began to paint in the coral, building it us as I went and trying to make it look as natural and unregimented as I could. Once the coral and creatures had been painted, we added the little finishing touches that really bring scenes like this to life, such as tiny air bubbles, big air bubbles and lots seaweed. This took us two weeks to paint and really brightened up an otherwise dull space. We painted this mainly during the half term holiday, so it was quite a shock for the pupils when they returned but they seemed to really love it.

This week we made a start on a mural in Margate, painting the sea front in a bar. We will finish this off in a few weeks time when we aren’t so busy.

We also painted a nursery in Horsham for a young couple expecting their first child. The room had already been painted grey, orange and white which are really modern and interesting colours to work with. The parents wanted some ‘dream bubbles’ painted around the cot, with various Disney and cartoon characters in, including Genie from Aladdin, Dumbo, Winnie the Pooh and Piglet and Ball and King Louie from the Jungle book. They also wanted two trees painted in the window alcove, one on either side, with the alphabet on one and numbers on the other. Once dean had marked out when he wanted the dream bubbles to go, we drew out the characters within them and then whilst Dean painted the trees I painted the bubbles. The bubbles were fairly straight forward, but a really effective idea if you just want something small but detailed to add interest to a wall. The trees looked fantastic when Dean had finished, the simple tree outline with the brightly coloured lettering worked really well and will be great for when the baby is older making the room functional for many years. This took us just two days to paint as the walls had already been painted with their chosen back ground colours.

We’re booked up until April, so have lots of interesting projects coming our way in the next couple of months. We’re also starting the preparation for Chalk It Up! Sittingbourne Chalk art Festival 2016 which will be taking place on the 10th and 11th of September in Sittingbourne High Street. If you would like to get involved, please go here and complete our online registration form. We’re looking for professional and amateur artists to unleash their creativity and create something amazing on a wall or floor space in the High street.

Hope you all have a nice end to your February and here’s hoping that the weather does actually start to improve in the near future!




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