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Happy New Year

Posted on January 22, 2016 at 9:45 AM

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a delightful Christmas and that 2016 is already off to a good start – despite this cold horrid weather!

We had a lovely long Christmas break, where I saw lots of friends and family, ate waaaay too much chocolate and had a few too many lie ins! I tried to stay a little creative during the break, painting Christmas presents for a few friends (namely an Inky Batman and a Batman/Punisher combo) in between sleeping and filling my face. But now we are back to work and have lots already planned for the year ahead!

Our first job in January was for a friend of Deans named Alan, who already has many murals painted by Dean adorning the walls of his home. This time he required our services as he wanted a Tommy Cooper caricature painted on a door that leads to his loft and a Religious pastiche painted on his kitchen ceiling, depicting Mary holding a baby Jesus being gifted Gold by one of the kings on one side, and Mary cleaning up Jesus’ blood whilst being presented his crown of thorns on the other. I started with the Tommy Cooper Mural which was pretty straight forward. Once the image was drawn out onto the door (which had been removed from its hinges, making it easy to prop up down stairs and paint) I started to paint it with high quality acrylics, building up layers as I went This particular image was just challenging for me as the face was realistic in style, yet the body was more cartoon like. I found it difficult to paint both of these styles in one image, but after a lot of tweaking I think it turned out ok! I then wrote the famous Tommy Cooper quote ‘Just like that!’ above the image is script and below the image a joke from some of his stand up. As the door had been originally painted with gloss paint, I had to sand it down before painting to ensure the paint would adhere to the surface and then to finish I touched up the gloss around the image where it had been rubbed off. Dean had been tackling the kitchen ceiling mural whilst I’d been painting the door. I had never painted an actual picture on a ceiling before (clouds don’t count), so this was new territory for me. It was amazing how Dean managed to transfer the image and then paint whilst holding the brush and his head in such an unnatural way. It’s so difficult painting above you and feels very odd. I only helped a little with this mural, but the strain on your neck is quite apparent so it’s not something I think I could do all of the time! Dean decided to paint the mural in sepia tones, which worked really well. He added layer upon layer of paint, gradually working from dark to light to build depth and detail into the image. We finished the ceiling off with some hand written text from bible scripture, which really helped to finish off the design but was just so hard to do. Having to hold a paint brush steady enough to do lettering whilst your brain keep informing you that you are somehow defying gravity, is quite the task! But we managed it and Alan was very pleased with his new additions (so much so, that he bought me a beautiful bunch of flowers which was a very lovely thought. No one ever buys me flowers!). Both murals took us a combined four days to complete.

Next we were in Dean’s old Primary School in Higham, painting fruit and vegetables around the serving hatch in their canteen. We had some assistance from Cameron, the son of one of Deans old school friends, who was helping us out for some work experience for College. We started by drawing out the groups of fruit and vegetables in sharpie onto the walls (for simple, bold imagery we find this works best) and then we painted around the groups with a pale yellow back ground colour, to really brighten un and refresh the space. Once two coats of colour was applied to the back ground, we began to block in the fruit and veg which Cameron also helped us with. Dean and I could then start adding details and colour gradients to really bring the pictures to life. This transformation took us three days, and we even got to sample some delicious school dinners which really took me back to my primary school days!

The following day we started a really fun mural on the outside of a newly refurbished beauty salon in Sheerness. The client wanted an art deco style womans face, but that was pretty much our only brief. Dean and I chose this really pretty illustration of a woman profile, with a hummingbird and lots of flowers surrounding her face. The colours were beautiful and subtle and the client loved it, so we started to paint! The wall and surrounding exterior of the salon needed a lot of preparation, so i got on with that whilst dean draw out the design. I could then start blocking in certain parts whilst he focused on carefully blending colours on her face and in her hair to give the mural a dreamy finish. We only had one day on this job as we were due elsewhere the following day, but we made a really good start and will finish the mural when we can, weather permitting!

This week we have been painting at Medicys, a medical research facility in Sittingbourne. They’re currently having a complete refurbishment of their offices and wanted to extend their corporate identity and make the space more interesting and visually stimulating. Getting inspiration from some small character illustrations from the company’s website we painted stylised figures walking up the stirs from their reception area to the first floor. These add fun to the space as well as showing a little more about the company (each figure is dressed as a member of the medical professional) as well as making visual links to their website and promotional information. We also painted the company logo and name onto a central pillar in the reception, letting clients know they are in the right place and again extending the brand identity. This took us three days to complete as well as doing some sign writing for an adjoining company on one of the upstairs walls.

Coming up, we have an underwater scene to paint in a school hall, a prehistoric landscape to paint in a school corridor, Repunzel and some Disney dream bubbles! So keep checking our facebook page for updates on what and where we are painting!

January is almost at an end, so that means our wallets will gradually begin to look a little healthier and the sun will hopefully start making a more frequent appearance!



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