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It's (almost) Chriiissstttmmaaassssss!

Posted on December 17, 2015 at 10:35 AM



It was about a month ago that I last wrote the blog, and we’ve been pretty busy in that time. It just goes so fast! Today marks one week until Christmas Eve... where does the year go? I’m a little more organised this Christmas than I have been in previous years, but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to be shopping this weekend in a last minute effort to buy some gifts!


When I last wrote we were going to be starting some touch ups at Darent Valley hospital in the Children’s A&E ward. Previously Dean had painted a wildlife scene around the whole ward and after having some renovations done (doors moving etc) they needed a bit of grass and some flowers re-painted.


The next day we started a very interesting mural in Essex. The lady who commissioned us is a huge dragon fan (much like myself) and after a conversation with her husband one evening about how they could make their living room have a little more impact, they settled on getting us in to paint a giant Red Smaug like fire breathing dragon, walking down the entire space next to the staircase! Complete with treasure to guard, of course. The rest of their home was decorated quite neutrally, so it really was eye catching and showed visitors a little about their personalities as soon as they walked through the front door. It was a little tricky positioning ladders in the staircase to enable us to reach the highest part of the wall (the dragons wings were massive and reached right up to the ceiling), but we figured it all out in the end. The dragon and it’s treasure were all drawn free hand, and once the main part of the drawing was completed we started by painting in a subtle smoky background. The dragon and its treasure were painted over the top of this, with me focusing on the treasure and the fire and Dean making a start on the dragon. I then began to block in colours on the dragons body whilst dean added detail to the face and body over the top. The whole mural took us 4 days to complete due to the size and detail that went into it, and the clients were very pleased with the result.


After this we started a job in Barnet, painting a mural in the bedroom of a 14 year old arsenal fan. He wanted a mural of Thierry Henry celebrating a goal in front of a lot of angry Tottenham fans. The crowd were to be painted in black and white (obscene hand gestures and all) with Thierry Henry in colour. The house we were painting in was being totally refurbished so it was like a building site when we arrived (complete with about twenty male builders and one port-a-loo. Luckily, I’ve been to many music festivals, so the facilities weren’t too much of a shock, but it was still a little unpleasant!). We started by roughly drawing out all of the faces in the crowd and Thierry Henry. We could then start blocking in the faces, gradually building up the layers and the details on each of them. Once the crowd was painted (which took us three days due to the amount of detail) we could paint Henry and add some finishing touches to the pitch. This took us four days to complete.


To get into the Christmas spirit, Dean decided he wanted to paint a little gift for the people of Sittingbourne. We have recently got permission to paint a mural on the side of the Sweet Barrow in the high street (this mural will be now completed in January), but before that mural goes ahead Dean thought we could paint a temporary festive mural for the weeks leading up to the new year. We choose a lovely blue snowy landscape, complete with Christmas trees, a snow man, deer, rabbits, doves and well wishes. This mural took us 16 hours to complete and we hope that it brightens the high street a little for all of the shoppers and puts them in a festive mood!


Next, we painted a Mickey Mouse mural in a little girl’s bedroom in Loose. Her mum wanted it to look like there was a hole in the wall and through it the Disney castle could be seen on a hill top, with Mickey, Minnie and Pluto waving through the hole. We started by drawing this out and marking where the bricks should be painted and then we could begin painting in the back ground. Dean focused on the brick work and the sky and I painted the castle and the characters. This mural was completed in two days.


This week we have been painting a pretty mural in Borstal. The client wanted a blossom tree painted in her little girls bedroom, with fairies and animals dotted about the tree. Dean painted the tree free hand and chose a really nice grey colour for the bark and added pretty pink and white blossom and green leaves to the branches. This is quite time consuming as each leaf and blossom are painted individually. I focused on painting four fairies flying within the blossom (I love painting fairies, I used to draw them all the time when I was younger, but that’s because I thought I was going to be the next Brian Froud... The Labyrinth was one of the biggest influences on my young life, and that’s possibly why I’m a little odd in adulthood!), a squirrel running up the tree, a robin, some butterflies, a bee and a fawn. To make the mural extra magical, we added silver accents to the tree trunk and branches and to the outline of the fairies wings. We also added some subtle silver glitter to the wings, so they shimmered in the light. This mural took us two days to complete.


There is now just one week until Christmas, so we are winding down for the holiday. Next week we have another little girls room to complete, just in time for Christmas. And then we take a little break to eat lots of food and to drink and be merry, and to rejuvenate for the New Year! I am very excited for the first Christmas morning spent with my boyfriend in the flat that we now both share, and then it’s off to my parents house to eat a gigantic Christmas feast and drink too much bucks fizz whilst watching Christmas films on the telly. It’s going to be wonderful.

I hope you all have a truly lovely Christmas and get to share it with all of the people you love, and to relax and enjoy yourselves ready for the New Year. We will be back in January to continue painting murals wherever we can. I might even try to get more paint on the walls than on myself in the New Year, but I’m not making any promises.

Merry Christmas, Everyone 




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