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Stairwells, Halloween and the start of the festive season.

Posted on November 14, 2015 at 6:35 AM



So, some how, it’s mid November and I’m struggling to recall where the time has gone! The Festive season will soon be upon us and I will resume my usual Grinch stance. Well, outwardly at least. Inside I actually quite like all the good cheer and tinsel and marshmallow topped drinks, but it’s just such a stressful time for every body and it saddens me that it’s this way. BUT, I do enjoy a good roast dinner and being around the people that I love, so these are the positives I look forward to and I try to steer clear of the crazy shoppers and the blatant commercialisation of what should be a time to be thankful. Well, there’s my opening rant… now onto some of the stuff we’ve been painting!

We finished the book characters at Wentworth Primary in their foundation corridor and then it was back to Furness Primary School in Harlesden, London, to paint some more fruit and vegetables in their canteen and to liven up another stairwell for them. We started off the week with just myself and Dean and it took us two days to paint another large ground of fruit and vegetables behind their serving kitchen in the canteen. The long drives to London and the fact that the caretaker wanted us out by four meant our painting days were slightly shorter, so we weren’t quite hitting our targets for the days. So to combat this problem, we started leaving even earlier (and still getting stuck in hours of traffic – London, I hate you) and we enlisted the help of Lucy – the daughter of one of Deans old school friends and Chloe – one of my best friends who now lives in London and so could take a quick tube journey and meet us at the school. With their help over the next three days we managed to finish of the stairwell just in time, painting the entire space with two coats of pale yellow paint and then painting a large multi coloured wavy line down either side of the stairwell. We had a time restraint with this job as the school wanted it completed in their halt term week (the week leading up to Halloween), so we couldn’t have got it completed without help and Lucy and Chloe were great.

After a long drive back from London that Friday, I got home, made some dinner for my boyfriend and myself and then promptly fell asleep on the sofa. I know how to party at the weekend. The next day was Halloween, woo! I celebrated by cleaning the flat (hey, you celebrate your way and I’ll celebrate my way…) and then I went over to my mum and dads house and carved pumpkins in the front garden with my brother and his kids. Mine was a bit wonky, but we had to rush a little as night was rapidly falling and the ghost and ghouls would soon be upon us! Once our pumpkins were carved and lit in the garden, we hurried inside and put on our costumes and obligatory black lipstick (we had a devil, a zombie bride, two skeletons and a witch in our group – I was the witch and my costume consisted of my usual attire, but with a lot of back combing and a witches hat. I was letting the team down slightly, yes, but it was too cold to not wear a huge coat and scarf). We then went around the village, knocking on doors with pumpkins outside and sporadically jumping out at one another from behind bushes trying to get the loudest screams. Once the pumpkins were all extinguished and the cold was forcing back inside, we returned to my parents house and ate far too many sweets. I then went home and spent the evening watching Buffy re-runs with my boyfriend, and eating green popcorn. A pretty lovely Halloween, I’d say.

The following week was a week of visiting potential clients, sorting and replying to emails, mocking up ideas and general errands.

Then that beings us up to the beginning of this week. We had a mural to paint outside Best Barbers in Sittingbourne in Hythe Road, so nice and local. They wanted white stripes painted on a small section of the wall (which was already painted a bright red) to make it resemble a Barbers pole, then on the front of the shop we were to paint a simple silhouette of a comb and scissors. Although simple, this design was very striking and definitely made you look at the building and let you know, from a distance, what the business was. This took us two days to complete, and although the rain put us off for a couple of days we were able to complete it in the week.

Today Dean and I are manning the Swale Arts Forum shop in the Forum shopping centre in Sittingbourne – Bourne Creatives. If you haven’t had a chance to visit yet, please do as there’s always lots to see in the gallery and interesting workshops to find out about. There’s also going to be a Christmas grotto here on the 28th of November for the Christmas lights switch on, so a perfect time to come down and join in with the festivities.

Next week we are off to a hospital on Monday to touch up an existing mural that has been a bit damaged due to construction work, then the rest of the week we’re painting a dragon alongside a flight of stairs in Essex which is going to be quite exciting! After that, I believe we’re painting a Winnie the Pooh inspired room. Don’t forget the check our facebook page to get updates on our work and see our progress with different projects!

Until I ramble at you again, have a nice November and keep warm!




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