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Two heads are better than One

Posted on May 3, 2015 at 4:25 PM Comments comments (0)

Hello everyone,

Easter has been and gone, much chocolate hath been consumed and as always, we have been gallivanting around the place painting on walls.

We finished the shooting themed bedroom, which included portraits of the client, his son and their dogs. I left these up to dean, and I painted a lot of grass and some tractors! We also got to paint the built in wardrobe in the room to resemble a wooden barn. This meant I had my first go at using a wood graining tool. This was quite fun once I got the hang of it and it looked really effective.

Next we went back to Vigo Village primary school to finish the Vigo Values Tree in their entrance hall. We still had the ceiling to paint and the top of the tree, so it was time to test out the new Scaffold tower! It's really handy having a scaffold tower as it means we don't have to rely on rental companies. When I first started working for Dean, I was really quite petrified of heights. I tried not to ever let it hold me back from things (Like going on the viewing platform at the Eden project when I once went on holiday to Cornwall) but it was still very much a phobia (made evident by my becoming glued to the spot at the top of said viewing platform at the Eden project, bursting into tears, and my ever patient friends coaxing me down one baby step at a time). However, when painting murals, you never know where or at what height you'll be painting! And after lots of forcing myself up ladders and scaffold towers, I am now quite confident at 20ft up in the air! A good job too, as the whole ceiling required painting a lovely shade of sky blue (my arms and neck definitely felt it the next day!). We then finished off painting the top of the tree and added the twenty 'Vigo value' words onto the branches. We then added details, such as the seven birds and animals that made up the school class names and the four types of leaves that symbolised the school houses. Dean also added a silhouette of a boy reading a book at the base of the tree to finish off the image. It's so nice working in schools and getting to hear all of the comments from the pupils. The way they become so curious about the mural is lovely, and they always give some positive comments. I'm always a bit apprehensive of working in front of people, but in schools it's different. Children are just so full of encouragement and they get as much out of watching us paint as we do from painting, it's a great exchange and a lovely process.

Once we had finished at Vigo we started a really fun job in Dartford - a Superhero themed play room! This was a pretty large room, so plenty of space for characters! We had Adele helping us on this job as there was a lot to do. We started by painting in the back ground of blue sky, and cityscape and a dusty floor. Once this was done, we could start adding the superheroes to the foreground. The client wanted a range of Marvel and DC characters in dynamic positions. Dean let me paint Batman (yeeessssss) which was obviously great fun, because he's awesome (I even hold out hope for Bat-Fleck). I then got to paint Black cat, Cat Woman and Bat girl, Iron man, Cap' and Spidey (Dean had done most of the initial black outlines and Adele had helped block in some of the undercoats, then I swooped in and did the finishing coats and details and took all the glory - mwahahahaaaa (villian laugh) ). Dean painted The Hulk and Wolverine, Flash and Superman. After a bit more detail was added to the back ground buildings and some rubble was added to the foreground, we were done! This took us two weeks to complete.

It was then off to Basingstoke. We were painting some more at St Annes Catholic Primary school. We previously had painted a large St Anne mural on the exterior wall of the entrance to the school, but now they were wanting some stained glass painting in the prayer room and an outside mural in the prayer garden. Last time we worked at the school, we stayed in a B&B, but this time we decided to attempt the commute. Five hours driving a day was quite exhausting, but it was (just about) worth it to sleep in my own bed every night, and to see my boyfriend (I know, gross, sorry). On our first day we realised the windows in the prayer room had a film over them. Once we figured out how to remove this we were met with the daunting task of removing the thin layer of glue entirely covering the glass. This took me a whole day to remove, with nothing more than some paint removal wipes and lots of elbow grease! Once this was done however and the windows were all cleaned and sparkly, we could start putting the outlines of the images onto the windows in black glass paint. Whilst dean was doing this, I started blocking in the colour on the exterior mural (We had already painted the area we were going to paint with white masonry paint, and Dean had drawn out the image and the accompanying lines of scripture. Once the outlines had been painted on the glass, I could then go and start filling in the shapes with colour whilst Dean added detail onto the prayer garden mural. All in all this took us six days to complete, including finishing the outside mural with two coats of anti graffiti varnish for extra protection.

(The bit above is by Jaime - the rest is by Dean)

Workshop34 unfortunately closed down at the end of March. The creative community in Sittingbourne are still trying to find ways to keep a sustainable creative hub in the town and this will hopefully be in one of the other empty shops in the high street. I still have high hopes for this project but, due to the pressure of current commissions and a demanding family life (i.e. wife with a broken leg and and house full of children that demand feeding!) I am unable to give it much attention at the moment.

Saturday the 25th of April was the St Georges day festival in Sittingbourne High Street. There were stalls, music and other festivities including the making of a giant paper mache dragon and of course, some chalk at from ourselves in the form of St.George and a Dragon. The day was a great success and it was great to see the community spirit return to the town.

The following weekend saw us chalking once again in Sittingbourne at the Forum Sci-Fi Event organized by the fantastic Nikki Baker or Luniac Designs. There were people dressed up in costumes, exhibitions and screen actors to meet along with a host of all manner of weird and wonderful things going on. We created an anamorphic Silver Surfer on the floor ourside the shopping centre which went down a storm.

We have a busy few months coming up, including finishing a waterfall scene in a primary school, some work at Life night club in Sittingbourne High Street and some more work at Southern Salads so, if you've reached this far in this epic blog that was half written by Jaime and then amended and added to by Dean when he got round to posting it up a week and a half later - thank you for your support. 

Wales, Water and Workshop 34

Posted on March 18, 2015 at 1:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Hey everyone,



The new year is well underway and Easter is on the horizon, where is this year going? When I last wrote the blog we were getting ready for the LOVE exhibition at Workshop34. This was a great success with lots of wonderful, varied work, so thank you to everyone that submitted something. A few pieces were sold and the exhibition drew lots of people in to the workshop in the two weeks that it was up. Due to it's success we decided to have another exhibition to celebrate the shop (which was due to be closing at the end of this month, but hopefully after a few meetings today I may have some more positive news in the next blog!) and to celebrate spring. This was the Roots and Shoots exhibition, which had it's private view last night. Again, lots of amazing work was submitted and made for a really interesting show. If you weren't able to make it last night, never fear! As lovely as it would have been to see you, the exhibition will be up until the end of March, so why not pop down and see everything we have to offer.



Aside from exhibitions at the shop, Marvellous Murals have been pretty darn busy over the last couple of months! Firstly we had a rather large job come our way in the form of painting the outside of a factory. That's right. The outside of factory. A salad factory to be exact. Firstly we had to prep the building for painting. This involved sanding down all of the metal at the top of the building, removing the old silicon from around the windows, cleaning all the windows and window frames, refilling with silicon, brushing down the bricks and sweeping the floor. The top of the factory was all windows and congregated metal, which as it turns out, is super time consuming to paint. We had Sam helping us with this project and we could not have completed it on time without him. Climbing up and down scaffolding really does add a lot of time onto our job, not to mention that due to the time of the year, working outside was just sooo cooold. Paint brushes are rather hard to negotiate with numb fingers. Once the top half of the factory was painted in the green of the company logo, we could move onto painting the lower half of the building with salad fields and a tractor. We painted a clear blue sky and then using a chalk line guide we were able to mark out the rows of different coloured salads in the fields. We then started adding more colour, building up texture as we went and we painted in a tree lined horizon. We also added a tractor to one of the fields to give the image a bit more interest and to break up the lines. It was then just a case of coating the mural with anti graffiti varnish to give it extra protection. Despite the bad weather due to the time of the year, we managed to get this completed just in time for the company's deadline, as they had a big client coming to visit them the next day.



Next we started a mural at Vigo primary school. Dean had painted a wonderful jungle mural in their school hall a few years previously and now they were looking for a large tree to be painted in their entrance hall which combined the four tree based names of the school houses as well as the school values. This will span across the ceiling of the entrance and also incorporate various woodland animals of which the school classes are named after. We got about half way through painting this mural, but due to other commitments we had to pause our progress but will be carrying on with it next week.



We then made our way to Wales! After a six hour drive, we found ourselves in the picturesque village of Herbranston in Pembrokeshire, ready to paint the room of a lovely little girl named Brie. This was a great job as Tina, Bries mum, gave us a lot of freedom. The brief was to paint a woodland animal themed room and to include some of their own pets in the mural. We started by painting a clear blue sky all around the top of the room. We used three different blues to give a nice gradient and went down to almost white. We could then start to draw in a rough landscape as a basis. Once the perspective was right, we began to paint in the hills, fields and trees. Whilst I was giving this a second coat, Dean added some detailed fluffy clouds to the sky. We then added three blossom tress in the foreground. It took us about three or four days to complete all of the landscape and then we could start painting in animals! We were working rather long days to get the most detail we could in the six days we had to complete the mural. We wanted to make the room really personal, so we included a lot of the family's pets, including two of their adorable miniature dachshunds, Martha and Benson, Bob the horse and some other animals that lived on the land surrounding the house. There was a shallow cupboard in the corner of the room which was a bit of wasted space, so we decided to secretly paint inside it to make a magical Narnia-esque doorway which opened to show a unicorn and rainbow. Once the main animals were painted, we added some flowers, toadstools, and insects. It's always quite hard working away from home, especially for a big baby like me, but Tina and Mark were so welcoming and cooked us delicious food every night and always made sure we had a cup of tea! And all of the puppy love from the dogs helped keep the homesickness at bay! Brie loved her room and couldn't keep her eyes off of it, so we hope she gets many years of joy out of the mural and keeps finding lots of little details. After a long seven days, Dean and I made the long drive home and had a well deserved day off.




It was then off to Nottinghill in London to paint a a sunken pirate ship mural in a basement flat. This was just on one wall, but also included painting a section of outside wall that the window looked out onto. We started by painting the entire wall a deep blue with a slight gradient to a medium blue. After a couple of coats, we could then add in the sea floor and the surface of the water. Dean painted the pirate wreck whilst I focused on painting a large treasure chest full of gold. Dean then added some delicate jelly fish to the wall behind the window and I painted some brightly coloured coral. I hadn't ever painted coral before, so this was a bit daunting at first, but i gradually found my own style. After adding a few more fish, a diver and a shark, the mural was completed. This took us three days.



This week we're painting a little boys bedroom with a shooting theme, then it's back to Vigo to complete their entrance hall tree.



There are still life drawing classes every Thursday at Workshop34, as well as other workshops and classes, involving juggling and guitar lessons. For more information or just for a browse, pop by Number 34 high street, Sittingbourne 10 -4 Monday to Saturday.



I hope you all have a great rest of the month and i'll update the blog again soon so you can see what else we've been up to and the fate of Workshop34.